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Can IGRA tests be used for infants and children? 2013 Evidence shows that QFT performs as well in children as it does in adults and there is no apparent loss of performance in children under 5 years. For detection of LTBI, QFT is as sensitive as the TST, and more specific. In a study of children who lived in close contact with smearpositive adult TB patients, QFT detected more children infected with TB than did the TST. Positive QFT results showed significant correlation with smear status of the infected adults, whereas TST did not. QFT has also been shown to be more accurate than the TST in detecting who will progress to active TB disease with very high accuracy among pediatric contacts.QFT has been shown to be effective in children less than 6 months of age and in children with bacteriologically confirmed TB (the sensitivity of QFT was 93%). However, caution is always needed when interpreting a negative result in a young child suspected of having active TB.


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